Sunday 11 October 2015

Online MBA Certified Program in Research Methodology

Certificate in Research Methodology

Program Objective :

This course introduces students to a number of research methods useful for academic and professional investigations of information practices, texts and technologies. By examining the applications, strengths and major criticisms of methodologies drawn from both the qualitative and quantitative traditions, this course permits an understanding of the various decisions and steps involved in crafting (and executing) a research methodology, as well as a critically informed assessment of published research.

Topics Covered:

Research Fundamentals and Terminology
Importance of Research in Management Decisions
Defining Research Problems and Formulation of Hypothesis
Research Design
Methods and Techniques of Data Collection
Sampling and Sampling Distribution
Attitude Measurement and Scales
Data Preparation and Preliminary Analysis
Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Data: Non -parametic Tests
Multivariate Analysis of Data
Model Building and Decision Making
Statistical Tests in Management Research
Computer Aided Research

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