Sunday 11 October 2015

Online MBA Certified Program in Organizational Behaviour

Certificate in Organizational Behaviour

Program Objective :

This course introduces the student to multidisciplinary approaches to human behaviour in organizational settings. Attention will be paid to both public and private sector organizations. A variety of issues will be examined from the perspective of the manager as well as those of the worker, the client and the citizen. To provide an overview of the influential theoretical perspectives and research findings in the field of organizational behaviour; To offer a set of conceptual frameworks, methodological approaches, and analytical skills which are useful in increasing our understanding of human behaviour in organizations.

Topics Covered:
Nature and Importance of Organisational Behaviour
The Emerging Challenges
Approaches to Organisational Behaviour
Foundations of Individual Behaviour
Perception and Individual Decision Making
Ethics and social Responsibilities
Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
Learning and Behaviour Modification
Basic Motivation Concepts
Job Design, Employee Participation and Alternative Work Arrangements
Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Foundations of Organisation Structures
Human Resource Policies and Practises

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