Sunday 11 October 2015

Online MBA Certified Program in Economic Environment in India

Certificate in Economic Environment in India

Program Objective :

 The programme aspires to give the participants an insight into the Indian socio-cultural, economical, political and legal environment for doing business in India. The programme focuses on the growth sectors of Indian economy such as software, BPO, bio-technology, contract research and manufacturing. It facilitates the participants to learn about the Indian managers, their ways of being and how to relate with them. The programme also familiarizes participants with challenges of growth in Indian organizations and about the human resource practices in high performing Indian Organisations.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Business
Economic Environment
New Economic Environment
Political Environment
Legal Environment
The Indian Economy: Sectoral Divisions
The Social Environment
The Technological Environment
The International Environment
International Economic Institutions
Indian Financial System: Commercial & Central Banks

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