Sunday 11 October 2015

Online MBA Certified Program in Business Communication

Online MBA Certified Program in Business Communication

Program Objective :

This course will prepare you to write and communicate with grace, verve, and efficiency while managing the demands of the business world. A general knowledge of the basic theories of human communication in rhetorical, group, and interpersonal settings.  A basic understanding of the principles and techniques of persuasion in interpersonal, group, and public speaking contexts.
An ability to successfully apply the above knowledge in actual small group, interviewing,
business, public speaking, and interpersonal situations. The ability to write well-worded and
persuasive resumes and other business communication.

Topics Covered:

Nature and Scope of Business Communication        
Channels, Networks, Forms and Dimensions of Communication                    
Oral and Written Communication
Non- Verbal Communication  
Barriers to Communication    
Principles of Effective Communication                  
Gateways to Communication  
Media and Modes of Communication
Reading Skills                        
Listening Skills              
Presentation Skills              
Public Speaking Skills            
Negotiation Skills                      
Meetings and Conferences    
Business Letters            
Enquiries and Replies                
Orders and Replies                  
Circulars, Notices and Memos
Report Writing : Business Reports
Academic Report Writing

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